How Can You Leverage Good Reviews For Your Book?

Getting good reviews is one of the best things that can happen to an author. It improves the value of the book and provides a credibility for potential readers to take the plunge and read the book. Often, reviews are what most of the users look to when they want to buy a book. It acts as a deciding factor which can make or break the potential sales of a book.

Waiting for readers to post reviews on their own is long gone. Now authors have to be pro-active in getting readers to post reviews for their book. There are a few other methods by which you can get good reviews for your book.

How to get reviews for your book?

Use your email list

Now is the time to put your email list to use which you have so carefully gathered over a long period of time. Send out emails about your new book to everyone on your email list and you can also offer attractive offers, sample chapters, or an interesting blurb to get people to buy your book. This email is best sent on the day your book is released to create a surge of book sales and to get good reviews.

Put your social media accounts to use

Your followers in social media can come in handy to get glowing reviews. Constantly update the status of your book, starting a few weeks before its release. And do not stop once it has been released because now is the time to get into action to get some reviews. Request your followers to buy your book and more importantly, remind the followers who have already read the book to review it. Keep track of any social media posts on your book and once you find that the person had already read it, it is very easy to request them to leave a nice review instead of convincing someone to read your book to leave a review.

Utilize Advanced Reader Copies (ARC)

ARC is used by authors to give their books for free to readers in exchange for reviews. These books will be sent before the release of the book and the readers are expected to post a review of the book once it has been released. You do not need to send an impeccable final copy of your book. Generally, ARCs are allowed to have a few errors and will be in the stages of finalization.

How can you gather readers to give ARCs?

  • Contact popular book bloggers.
  • Make a list of the books that your potential readers could read. Visit the Amazon page of the book and find the reviewers from the books’ pages and contact them.
  • Get hold of Top Amazon Reviewers.
  • Get your friends and family to be a part of it.
  • Sometimes, the publishing company will send out copies of its own or suggest some reviewers who are ready for ARCs.

How to use the reviews for promotions?

Once the initial reviews mark its impression, other reviews will start flowing. Now that you have got glowing reviews, it will automatically boost your sales. But only those who visit your book page will be aware of the reviews. So, shouldn’t you flaunt your best compliments and use them to your advantage?

Let the world know that people have appreciated you and your books.

  • You can directly share the review on social media as a form of thanking the reviewer and mentioning their social media handle. This will create a good faith and when you go to them to review your next book, they will be more than happy to do it. Also, it indirectly puts a good word about your book in front of your followers.
  • You can request the bloggers who have left a nice review of your book to write a blog about it on their website which you can reblog to yours.
  • Create GIFs of your review with Review GIF Maker and share it on social media. An attractive GIF captures one’s attention than a simple text message. Hence, if you create a beautiful GIF displaying your best review, it combines both the visual and contextual advantage to boost your post in front of your followers. Create a GIF of your review and get more readers in just a few seconds.

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Instead of spending time on promotional methods, do make use of your best reviews and convert it into a promotional strategy. Though other promotions need time and constant attention, making use of your reviews start a chain reaction by which you get more and more book sales and good reviews which would pull in some more nice reviews.